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Bone Mend - Bein Viðgørningr
Bone Mend - Bein Viðgørningr

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Bein Viðgørningr (Bone Repair) - Dry Plant Powder Mix

A wonderful formula that assists the body’s mending process of broken & cracked bones, as well as fractures of all types. Blood flow, kidney & liver regulation, tonic action and proper digestion play important roles in overall bone health.


  • Comfrey Root [Lögr+] – It is a nutritive and rejuvenative tonic and is therefore beneficial in wasting away disorders. It is one of the best herbs for promoting tissue growth, externally and internally, and healing of traumatic injuries.
  • Haridra Rhizome 15:1 (Túrmerik) [Lopt/Eldr+] – It has shown to be an excellent antibiotic, while at the same time it helps strengthen the digestion and improve intestinal flora. It purifies the blood and stimulates the formation of new blood tissue.
  • Horsetail Whole Herb (Tagl Gras) [Lopt+] – It is an effective blood cleanser. It has a strong stone removing action for kidneys, bladder, and gall stones. It helps clear the eyes and remove toxicity from the blood.
  • Manjishta Root [Lopt+] – One of the best blood purifying herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. It cools and detoxifies the blood, arrests hemorrhage, dissolves obstructions in blood flow, and removes stagnant blood. Good for all inflammatory conditions of the blood. Its obstruction and dissolving actions extends to the liver and kidneys.
  • Yeast, Non-active Nutritional

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