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Equine Nerve - Taug
Equine Nerve - Taug

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Taug – Dry Plant Powder Mix

Our nerve formula is designed to assist the body in repairing nerve damage. Taug has a very calming effect upon the body, allowing the nerves to be in a more relaxed state, much needed in restoration.

Nerve repair is accelerated by feeding a great source of nutrients. Please read the MBC Introduction On Our Website.


  • Brahmi Root/Plant [Eldr/Lögr/Lopt=] – It is a very important nervine in Vedic culture. It revitalizes brain cells, aiding in concentration. It is cleansing to the blood, improves the immune system, cleanses the kidneys and calms and soothes the liver.
  • Chandana Wood [Lögr+] – It cools and calms the entire body and mind. It relieves fever, thirst, burning sensations and stops sweating. It is good for almost any inflammatory conditions and cleanses the blood.
  • Guggulu Resin [Eldr+] – It is a strong purifying and rejuventaive agent. It vitalizes those with high air and water elements, yet it only mildly increases fire.
  • He Shou Wu 16:1 [Lögr]- It is a rejuvenative that builds the blood and strengthens the kidneys, liver and nervous system, as well as the bones, muscles, ligaments and tendons.
  • Tulsi Leaf [Eldr+] - It is a wonderful inducing sweat and reducing fever in most colds, flus and lung issues. It removes excess water from the lungs and vassal passages.
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