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Mastitis - Júgurbólga
Mastitis - Júgurbólga

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Júgurbólga – Dry Plant Powder Mix

Our Mastitis formula addresses the high water element, high fire and toxic blood. Not to mention it is a wonderful rejuvenative and nutritive.


  • Dandelion Root (Túnfilfill Rót) [Lopt+] – It is a detoxifying herb for high heat. It clears and cleanses the gall bladder and dispels accumulated and stagnated fire and bile.
  • Shatapushpa Seed [Eldr/Lögr/Lopt=] – It is one of the best herbs for digestion. They strengthen the digestive fire without causing an overflow of fire. It is wonderful for calming the nerves, dispelling flatulence and helps with cramping.
  • Guduchi Stem/Root [Eldr/Lögr/Lopt=] – It is a powerful nutritive to take during recovery from fevers and infections. It is great for low grade fevers and destroying toxins.
  • Parsley Leaf/Root [Eldr+] – It is rich in minerals, vitamins and iron. It is a mild diuretic and wonderful for dispelling premenstrual water retention from the abdomen, legs and the breasts. It is very effective in removing high water.
  • Neem Bark/Leaves [Lopt+] – It is one of the most powerful blood purifiers in Ayurveda. It cools the fever and clears the toxins in the mucous membranes. It clears away all foreign and excess tissue, and possesses a supplementary astringent action that promotes healing.
  • Saw Palmetto Berry [Eldr/Lögr+] – It is very effective in reducing high air. As well, it is a wonderful herb for breast health and enhancement and overall health and vitality.
  • Shatavari Root [Lögr] - A rejuventative for the female in general, as well specifically for the reproductive system and the blood. It is an effective demulcent for dry and inflamed membranes of the sexual organs. It increases milk and nurtures the mucous membranes. It both nourishes and cleanses the blood and the female reproductive organs. It is a good food for menopause or for those who have had hysterectomies, as it supplies many female hormones. It nourishes the ovum and increases fertility.
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